Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yes, that is the title. NAKED BUNYIP DANCING by Steven Herrick with pictures by Beth Norling is a new twist on the novel in poetry format. The teacher is a blissed-out hippy teaching math to the students while singing and playing guitar. There's girls who like boys, boys who think girls are gross, kids with family problems, kids with behavior problems. It's all here. Only it's written as a series of poems. Sometimes the poem is the student. Sometimes the poem is about a student. Here is a sample from the book:

"Sophie and poetry ~

I waited until the end of class
and I went to Mr. Carey's desk

and asked him

in a really quiet voice,

in case anyone was outside listening,

if I could read a poem

in the school concert

instead of singing.

A poem of my own

on any topic I like.
He smiled so wide

I thought his face would split!


And I've got months to write it!"

This book would probably be best for kids 6th grade and up.

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