Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Something BIG crashed into Brady Steele's home-- a meteorite from outer space. Instead of calling the police, Brady and his dear cousin, Quinn, decide to see Dr. Rip Ripley, an astrobiologist from the museum. Brady's neighbors, Cal, Buzz, and Matt Carver are onto Brady and Quinn and realize that their discovery is something special. They eventually gain possession of the space rock, but little do they know that it has given Brady super agility and speed. Instead of a friendly exchange of hands, the Carver boys pose an ultimate challenge by using their homemade "Destructo" catapult machine. Now it's a race against time for Brady and Quinn to regain possession of the space rock. Will Brady and Quinn succeed in getting the space rock back?

Will Hobb's fiction novel for 5th graders and older is a good novel for those who are seeking a story that includes adventure, humor, and a touch of science fiction. Go Big or Go Home was a fun read. The parts I most loved to read were about Brady and Quinn's love for South Dakota and extreme sports--what awesome cousins!

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