Friday, October 17, 2008


Genius Squad by Catherine Jinks is the sequel to Evil Genius and continues the very suspenseful story of Cadel Piggott. This installment finds his situation very much changed as he is hiding from the evil Dr. Darkkon in a foster home with no computer and virtually no life while he waits to testify against the man who might be his father, Prosper English. He is approached by a group who call themselves the Genius Squad and even though they sound too good to be true, Cadel decides to join them in their investigation into Dr. Darkkon's pet project, GenoME.

This thrilling installment tests Cadel's resolve to overcome his evil past and work on the side for good which can only happen if he can avoid the clutches of the very wicked Prosper English. An exciting adventure, this will keep readers in grades 5 through 8 on the edge of their seats.

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