Friday, June 20, 2008


Hannah West on Millionaire's Row by Linda Johns

Look for this title in our paperback section - fourth in the series.

Another plucky sleuth who is "technically homeless" since she and her mother had to sell their house but are now house sitting for other people's homes. This time they are house sitting for a couple who owns a home on historic Millionaire's Row and five cats. All their former clients and friends come together for this installment of Hannah West, where it seems like there really isn't a crime but more of a mysterious moving of the neighboring houses' things. Weird things happen, like a toilet seat cover is closed, a toaster is moved to a different place, a bowl of fruit is placed where there wasn't one before. Is it a Feng Shui ghost? The neighborhood watch doesn't have a clue and the police aren't taking it seriously, but Hannah West, has her keen eye on the problem and is determined to solve it.

For readers in grades 4th and older.

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