Saturday, February 09, 2008


Trip, trap, trip, trap! went the bridge
Who's that tripping over my bridge? roared the troll

Sound familiar? Remember the story of the giant troll and the three billy goats gruff? If you've ever wondered whatever happened to that troll, then here's a story for you. After the embarrassing goat incident, the troll took his wife Nora and their son, Ulrik, as far away from that bridge as possible. They ended up moving to a small quiet town called Biddlesden right next door to the Priddles family. The Priddles had never met a troll before. The Trolls had never lived next door to humans before. Well, as you can imagine all sorts of silly trouble began between these two families that neither the police nor goblins were able to solve! Check out Trolls, Go Home! by Alan MacDonald to read all about their wacky adventures.

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