Sunday, December 23, 2007


Thomas is a nine year old boy who lives with his parents and sister. His father is nothing but a bully in their home. The regular beatings that he and his mother encounter have left him nothing to look forward in his life. He longs to be happy and is in constant search for it. However, all throughout life he's been told by his father that only the "good for nothings and the weaklings are happy."
After Thomas' sister confronts their dad about his violent actions, the whole family realized that in actuality their dad is really afraid to live life and that he has nothing to offer but words to discourage his children of living a happy life. At times the story can be very depressing and discouraging; however the elements of hope, innocence and forgiveness never stop to encourage us to continue reading it. THE BOOK OF EVERYTHING by GUUS KUIJER is translated from Dutch. So if you want to to read European literature than this can be it.

For grades four through six.

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