Friday, July 27, 2007


Tough Boy Sonatas by Curtis L. Crisler with illustrations by Floyd Cooper is a very serious book that deals with the struggles of inner city boys that have almost no hope for the future. Without a proper education and decent living conditions, they have to learn to fight for their lives with dignity and honor. These seemingly tough boys want so much more in their lives than the usual violence and crimes. They long for safer streets, good education, love and justice. These sonatas will break your heart but at the same time your spirits will be filled with passion and hope for them. The boys on the streets are not just living a careless life without worries and problems. Their lives are full of range and anger and they observe way more than we think they do. The sadness and the realism in this book is overwhelming but at the same time very touching and satisfying.

For grades 7 and up.

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