Monday, March 23, 2009


Julie, grandaughter of a witch, sister to Puss in Boots, and child of Rapunzel and the Prince. Wow! What a load to carry around, especially in this modern world where everyone thinks fairy tales are just that... tales. But Julie just grits her teeth and bear the burden along with her mother to keep The Wild from expanding and taking all the storybook characters back into its fold. But somehow, someone made a magic wish in the wishing well and unleashed The Wild. Her family, friends, and even the townsfolk have been pulled into repeating old tales over and over again and are trapped within the Wild. Julie has no choice but to battle the Wild for control of everyone she loves.

In this second installment, Julie's father, The Prince, suddenly appears at her grandmother's motel. She had not seen him since she had to reluctantly leave him behind at the magic castle. What is the Wild up to? It has never willingly released a fairytale character before. Now it has taken over her town and captured her mother. No matter what she tries, it seems that the Wild is always one step ahead of her. Along the way, crossing the country, she enlists the help of other fairytale characters and a boy like herself until everything converges at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. And it is anything but a happy ending.

Both books by Sarah Beth Durst are a fantastic and complex adventure woven into a world of fantasy and the modern headed by a spunky heroine who just won't give up. A great, fast, fun read for 6th grade readers and older.

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